The cases we managed to come across while in Jinja Buwenge areas, butagaya sub-county, Kagoma County in lumuli village.

Naigaga Sharon

17 Years

Sharon left her home town of Mbale at the age of 15, in quest for greener pastures in the urban areas of central Uganda, after dropping out of primary six due to lack of school fees by her parents.

Nantanza Merida

16 Years

Nantanza was raised by a widowed mother. She was impregnated by a senior 2 boy and conceived at an early age of 14 in 2014.

Nalweyiso Sarah

14 Years

Nalweyiso Sarah is a Primary 6 pupil that was impregnated by a man that is rumored to be known by the parents and herself. Nalweyiso was impregnated on one of the early mornings of her usual visits to the well to fetch water for housework. She is said to have been impregnated by her uncle.

Yutaliwa Janet

16 Years

Is an orphan who was raped by a one Samil on her way from school in the evening hours, Jane is a blind jolly girl whose future has been put in a dilemma against her wish, she stays with her auntie…

Nantume Fiona

16 Years

Nantume Fiona is a 16 year old girl who resides in Banda Wakiso district with her mother Nabiryo Federeise. The mother used to pay her school dues and gives her all the necessary requirements…

Nanyunja Sharon

14 Years

The girl had been relocated from the village in masaka as a result of no support and funds, but we have footed the necessary bills and brought her back to town where we are availing…