Donate Towards Sanitary Towels

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The Research carried out in many villages in Uganda has shown that 95% of teenage girls and teenage mothers in villages do not have sanitary towels to use during menstruation. The girls have adopted to using dried banana fibers as sanitary pads like in the image above. We have come up with a project to make Re-Usable sanitary pads like in the image above to help these young girls for a period of 2 months. The main purpose of this project is to help provide teenage girls and young women in Uganda with sanitary towel. As you probably know, in Uganda young girls will often share their sanitary towels (usually scrap cloth) with their mothers or other women in the household. Of course they are washed thoroughly between uses, but various diseases can be transmitted through sharing in spite of that. Also, the study shows that most of these underprivileged girls miss school for at least four days each month over menstruation. These issues are not talked about in Uganda, due to embarrassment, lack of understanding and the low priority of such problems in the face of starvation, violence, death, illiteracy and the many struggles of daily life. You can prevent this by sending a donation to purchase these vital items locally!!! A pack of Re-Usable Sanitary towels costs $2 USD and can be used in a clean healthy way for two months. For a mere $8 USD you can sponsor a girl for a year and ensure that she always has her own sanitary towels. For $80 you can sponsor 10 girls for one year or one girl for 10 years! Each girl that is sponsored learns of the importance of using their own towel via monthly health education sessions and goes on to teach their children who will teach their children.