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Teenage Mothers and Child Support Foundation (TMCSF) is a Non-profit organization. Inspiration to establish the foundation lied with Mr. Joshua Mayanja, currently the Executive Director, following their family challenges while being raised by his mother as a teenager. In 2012, he established TMCSF as a Community Based Organization (CBO). With realization of increasing teenage pregnancies and problematic lifestyle of teenage mothers in Uganda, TMCSF desired to reach more teenage mothers beyond the reach of the CBO. It was then registered as an NGO on 19th November 2015 with registration number S.5914/12113.

Our aim is to help channel resources to improves lives of the highly vulnerable and underserved adolescent girls who are pregnant or those raising a child(ren). Since inception, 380 teenage mothers and equal number of children have been supported, empowered, rehabilitated and reintegrated to the society. Dealing with teenage mothers presents unique situations which require diversification in provision of solutions. In this,we have not only reached out to the teenage mothers but the community in which they live as well. Currently we conduct activities in five districts, Bugiri, Iganga, Jinja Kamuli and Wakiso, which have highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the country.

Even though these are not the only districts facing the challenge of teenage motherhood, TMCSF is willing to extend its activities to the rest of the districts across the country and to work with various partners in the service delivery. We have also aligned our programs to contribute to SDGs. The goals have been localized and they include goal 1. End poverty, 3. Good Health and wellbeing, 5. Gender equality, 10. Reduced inequalities, 16.


Peace, justice and strong institutions and 17. Partnerships for the goals. Our programs cover, research and advocacy on teenage motherhood and challenges they face, protection of teenage mothers and their child(ren), capacity building for the teenagers, teenage mothers and the communities in the most affected districts,rehabilitation and reintegration of teenagers who leave/ are chased out of their homes orhave negative reception in their homes and community and most important, guidi ng and counseling for the teenagers and teenage mothers.

A society that respects, protects and mentors teenagers into respectable adults for a free teenage motherhood.

Promote positive lifestyle of the marginalized, vulnerable and underserved teenage mothers to live a meaningful life and break the poverty cycle.

a) To advocate for actualization of the rights of teenage mothers.
b) To protect teenage mother's rights at risk.
c) To build capacity of teenage mothers and other support structures for realization of
their rights.
d) To empower teenage mothers to increase their income to meet their needs and those of
their babies.
e) To re-integrate teenage mothers into their families and communities for support.

Core Values.
a) Team work
b) Transparency and Accountability
c) Partnerships
d) Innovation
e) Voluntarism


Board Members.
The board Members is constituted by 6 persons, the chairperson, Treasure, secretary who is an ex-official and three members. Below are the names of the members and their designation.

Chairperson Dr. Nabisinde Winnie. Honorable justice
Secretary Mr. Josh Mayanja. Executive Director
Treasure Mr. Ahimbisibwe Herbert. Engineer
Member Mr. Ssebatindira Brain. Accountant
Member Ms. Nakiganda Lydia Health specialist
Member Ms. Najuma Juliet social worker

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