Economic empowerment of girls plays a pivotal role in breaking intergenerational
transmission of poverty and shaping Uganda’s development. Girls with access to and control
over economic resources are more likely to invest in their families.
Girls in Uganda are highly vulnerable at individual and community levels and are therefore
exposed to sexual exploitation. TMCSF imparts practical skills to the teenage mothers to
empower them to become economically self reliant, healthy and build stable futures for their
Currently teenage mothers are trained to , bake products likes cakes, bread and bans ; make
craft materials like paper beads, mats, necklaces, earrings, bags and bangles. TMCSF is
organizing teenage mothers in groups to participate in Village Saving and Loan Associations
(VSLA) and supporting them to offer credit services to teenage mothers for their business
This program area contributes to achievement of SDG 1. End poverty in all forms, 5.
Achieve gender equality among adolescent and empower teenage mothers, and 10. Reduce
inequality among adolescent boys and girls