Vulnerable children, families and more so adolescent rights are always exploited and under
minded. In protection of teenage mothers and their children we focus on three areas i.e. birth
registration which is the first and most important right of identify. This applies for both the
teenage mothers and the children they bare. We ensure that the mothers have birth
certificates when we receive their case and incase not, we support them to make sure they
are registered.
Secondly is protection through justice for children. Knowing teenage mothers are
considered children for being below age 18 years, the challenge of teenage pregnancy may
require judicial intervention for redress. As an organization, we offer pro bono. This service
covers injustice like rape and compensation to families and provision for the child yet to be
born or already born.



Another aspect of protection is health. We endeavor to encourage the teenage mothers to
attend ANC and PNC, take the child to the clinic for health check and most important to
receive all immunization services as marked for the child. In this way, they will grow up in
better health and strength and in the long run reduce medical and care costs since they since
they are likely to stay health unlike without immunization. We also take caution to ensure
that those who might be HIV positive receive service and care they deserve too.
This program area contributes to SDG 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for
sustainable development, provide access to justice for adolescent girls and build effective
accountable and inclusive institutions for teenage mothers at all levels in the country.