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Teenage Mothers and Child Support Foundation (TMCSF) is a Non-profit organization. Inspiration to establish the foundation lied with Mr. Joshua Mayanja, currently the Executive Director, following their family challenges while being raised by his mother as a teenager. In 2012, he established TMCSF as a Community Based Organization (CBO). With realization of increasing teenage pregnancies and problematic lifestyle of teenage mothers in Uganda, TMCSF desired to reach more teenage mothers beyond the reach of the CBO. It was then registered as an NGO on 19th November 2015 with registration number S.5914/12113. TMCSF’s aim is to ensure the rights and dignity of the girl child are respected, channel resources to address the highly vulnerable and underserved adolescent girls who are pregnant,given birth and those raising a child (ren).

Since inception, over 1,000 teenage mothers and equal number of children have been supported, empowered, rehabilitated and reintegrated to the society and 380 of these were graduated in tailoring and hairdressing courses. Dealing with teenage mothers presents unique situations which require diversification in provision of solutions. In this, we have not only reached out to the teenage mothers but the community in which they live as well.

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