Rehabilitation and Re-integration - Teenage mothers and child support foundation

Rehabilitation and Re-integration Most of these young girls concwhen they are still in school and when their parents get to know about the pregnancy, some of them are sent away from home and others run away due to fear. The girls are put under rehabilitation and closely monitored. During the rehabilitation process, they are given PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT, counseling and engaged in music dance and drama, sports as a form of entertainment or even explore their talents. One of the ways to ensure that these teenage mothers give birth to healthy babies is by them getting antenatal care services. Having realized the need for this, TMCSF offers antenatal services to the teenage mothers. As the teenage mothers are considered vulnerable to sexual abuse hence unwanted pregnancies, there is need for mental health programs and family planning to which TMCSF offers during the rehabilitation process. The rehabilitated mothers are then reintegrated into their homes after giving birth with the help of social workers. Continuous follow-up is done to check on their well being

Child Support Due to the teenage mothers’ vulnerability, TMCSF extends its support to the children of the teenage mothers through giving free education (nursery classes) to their children. As the teenage mothers come to attain vocational skills, they leave the children at the nursery school and this takes only 3 years that is to say from Baby class-Top Class and then are left to be catered for by their parents from primary till adulthood. The children are also provided with basic needs received from donations, friends and other organizations. They are provided with clothes, food, medical care, shelter and TMCSF makes referrals for complex situations especially children with disabilities as they need special care and attention. Referrals to different organizations are made according to type of disability the child has or the level of disability. TMCSF partners with other organizations like Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), Show Mercy International (SMI), and Busoga Kingdom to support the wellbeing of the children.



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